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  • Who are Declutter With Dawn services for?
    We work with families and small businesses to improve function and flow in their daily lives by clearing the clutter and creating custom systems to fit their life style.
  • Is there a cancellation fee?
    Should you need to reschedule/cancel your initial phone call to discuss your project details, we kindly request a 48 notice to avoid a cancellation fee($65). Should you need to reschedule your free in-home consultation we kindly request a 48 notice to avoid a cancellation fee($65). Should you need to reschedule package sessions, keep in mind we require 48 hour notice and allow 1 reschedule for every 4 sessions (12 hours). Rescheduling with less 48 hour notice, 1 hour of organization deducted from your package hours to account for lost time. Should you need to reschedule more than the allotted time, the session will be considered canceled and will be forfeited. We recommend rescheduling only when it is an emergency situation, like an illness in the house.
  • How does my journey begin with Declutter With Dawn?
    1. Fill out project form and text photos to (209) 605-0050, or schedule a call to discuss your project(s) and goals. 2. Schedule a consultation for an in-home review of the space(s) to show me the current issues you are experiencing and what goals you have for the project(s). 3. Pay for the session(s) or time you choose. I will call you to schedule the hours.
  • How long does it take to organize?
    Every project and client situation is completely unique. We can only quote an estimate.
  • What do I need to do before you come to my house for the consultation?
    Nothing! Please do NOT clean the house. It will help us see your current systems and where the systems may need to be improved.
  • Do I need buy products before you arrive?
    No. We will send you product links that you can purchase once we collaborate.
  • Are there any restrictions on the session and package hours that I purchase?
    Package hours are very flexible and you can use them any way that works best for you. Keep in mind all prepaid sessions and packages expire 3 months after the purchase date. Please review our cancellation policy to understand our expectations.
  • What forms of payments do you accept?
    Cash, Credit Card, Check, and Venmo
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